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To celebrate our 45th anniversary of establishment of the company , from Jan-Mar 2022, customers simply show this page with a net purchase of HK$100:

You can get Chang Sang silver polishing cloth 1 piece free of charge.

(this cannot be used with other promotions; free gift can only be redeemed once for each purchase, we retain the right for final decision)

45th anniversary Promotion with different promotional activities: –

Necklaces, earnings, rings, bracelets, bangles, anklets – all from $15 up : welcome to visit our shops for more details.

Become our member to enjoy more discounts and rewards.

(Welcome to visit our shops (2 stores) / Wechat, Whatsapp, Line for any enquiry)

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一月 2024

2024農曆新年 於年三十至初二(2024年2月9~11日)休息 正月初三(2024年2月12日)啟市 感謝大家的支持 祝願大家 財源廣進!心想事成!大吉大利! 正生純銀店仝人躹躬 2024 Chinese Lunar New Year arrangement: Our shops will be closed from 9th February 2024 to 11th February 2024 [...]

2024年1月16日 本公司因聚餐活動 當日營業時間為 11:30-1800 敬請留意 感謝各位持付! 16-1-2024 Our company due to dinner party 16-1-2024 Business hours 11:30-1800 Thank you for your support! 正生純銀店 Chang Sang Silver [...]

一月 2023

2023農曆新年 於年三十至初二(2023年1月21-23日)休息 正月初三(2023年1月24日)啟市 感謝大家的支持 祝願大家 財源廣進!心想事成!大吉大利! 正生純銀店仝人躹躬 2023Chinese Lunar New Year arrangement: Our shops will be closed from 21st January 2023 to 23rd January 2023 (days [...]

三月 2021

旺角店預計於2021年5月開幕, 期待可以為您服務! Mong Kok Store Coming in Mid-May, Looking forward to your visit!

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