Maintenance TIPS

Caring and cleaning of your silver:

The best way to slow tarnishing is to use your silver daily.  If your silver is misplaced / mishandled after use, staining / tarnishing may happen.


If you don’t use your silver product, it should be put in a clean drawer / bag free from moisture after cleaning, so it will not be easily oxidized.


When you are using the silver, please do not let it come in contact with gold / metal products as it may scratch the surface of your silver.


To keep your silver in a dry place at all time – avoiding closing to hot spring. Gently wash and dry it with a soft cotton cloth after each use and keep it in a clean box/bag and seal it well to avoid absorbing any gas to make it tarnished.

If your silver is slightly discolored – yellow tint, you can try to polish it with toothpaste mixing with little water to clean the surface, or you can use a little brush to clean the small area and then towel dry with a soft cotton cloth.


If the tarnish (yellow tint) is serious, DO NOT keep it in silver polish for too long, generally 30 seconds to 1 minute and then rinse it off thoroughly – and lastly dry it well with a silver polishing cloth.


If the problem still exists, please visit our store to seek assistance from our colleagues.

Directions of Silver Polishing water
1. Put your silver product into the bottle of silver polishing water;
2. Keep your silver product inside for around 1 minutes (according to its condition);
3. Take out the silver product from that bottle;
4. Rinse the silver product thoroughly;
5. Dry the silver product
6. Dry the silver product with silver polishing cloth.

*Silver polishing water can be reused, please keep it in a dry place. For a shiny effect, silver polishing cloth is suggested to be used.

Direction on silver polishing cloth:
1. Put your silver product (the tarnished or oxidized part) on the silver polishing cloth;
2. DO NOT rinse the silver polishing cloth or get it in touch of water;
3. The silver polishing cloth is still working even if it’s turning dark. It can be used until you found the effect is gone.